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5 Tips for Jogging With the Best Double Jogging Stroller

5 Tips for Jogging With the Best Double Jogging Stroller
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Using the best double jogging stroller is very interesting to the parent who loves to jog every day. A perfect double jogging stroller can give you the chance to run with your twins to enjoy the morning air.

Your babies will also love the early morning or evening running time. This helps to give your babies real pleasure along with keep away from harmful UV rays of the sunlight. Therefore, this is a plus point for your babies.

However, buying the expensive jogging stroller is not enough for your twins. There are so many thing that you need to keep in mind before running. Otherwise, this may risk of injuring your twins in a short time.

Most of the joggers are not aware of using the best double jogging stroller for running. As a result, this increases the risks and injures the babies. Therefore, we have noted some tips for jogging with the double jogging stroller. The tips can help you to get rid of the problems and keep your babies safe.

1. Safety First

This is important to have the safety features of your jogging stroller. You should use the safety features in order to keep your baby safe.

Firstly, you should avoid using 4-wheel double stroller for your kids. 4-wheel standard strollers are good but not recommended for running and jogging time. Moreover, 3-wheel jogging strollers are designed for the jogging and provide stability. Therefore, you can trust on the three-wheel strollers because they are stable, good for speed movement and safe for your twins.

As soon as you select and buy the double jogging stroller for twins, you need to follow the bellow safety facts in mind-

You should always use the wrist strap with your body in order to keep the stroller safe. This helps to prevent the stroller move away due to speed. Moreover, this does not allow slipping from your hands.

Do you ever use the wheel lock option in your stroller? You should lock the wheel if you need to stand in a place for a while. Otherwise, the stroller could move slightly from the position. This is risky because of upward or downward road. If you need to take your baby in arms, locking the wheels is must. Otherwise, this would be risky for your baby too.

You must be aware of the weather when you are going on jogging with your twins. You will be responsible for any kind of risk. If the weather is too hot or dark, you might become trouble with your twins. So, this is wise not to go on jogging if the weather is not good.

2. Finding a safe Route

To use a jogging stroller, your baby should be at least 8 months. However, some also recommend 7 months before using the jogging stroller. This is because of the safety of your baby because the neck should be enough strong for occasional bumps during running.

However, you can also use the jogging stroller before 7 months old. But, this is required to have a very smooth and flat road for jogging. The smooth route will not give occasional bumps to the babies. As a result, this will not give you any stress too.

On the other hand, you should not choose a busy route for jogging. However, you will need to be slow down because of other walkers. This is very frustrating and irritating when you force someone to slow down. So, your route should have enough space for other joggers and should not too much busy.

3. Maintain Your Stroller Properly

Like a car or like, you need to take care your jogging strollers too! Otherwise, this will not give you durable service, good performance and smooth riding experience. If you do not care it enough, this will never provide you stability.

  • Did you ever check the tires before you are going on a run? You should check the tire and air it if this is going to flat. There are many suggestions regarding airing the tires. However, we recommend to air once in every month.
  • You should check the entire double jogging stroller properly. There should be no damaged and lose screws. Moreover, you should keep the stroller clean too.
  • You should apply lubrication to the jogging stroller regularly. This will make the stroller smooth and give long time experience. Otherwise, this will become rough and hard for running in full speed.
  • You should check the brakes too. The brakes should be working properly. Otherwise, you can’t stop the stroller instantly. So, check and double check the brakes. Don’t go for jogging without having efficient brakes.

4. Right Running Form

What’s your running form? Which hand do you use for holding the double jogging stroller? This is another thing that you might need to bear in mind.

You can use one hand for holding back to back design double stroller. However, you will need to hold with two hands for double-wide stroller. Otherwise, you can’t have full control over the jogging stroller.

Another thing you must need to run near the stroller. Otherwise, this may go a long time from your hands.

5. Use Right Seat Position & Harness

Does your jogging stroller offer multiple seat position? If yes, then, you should choose the position that your twins feel comfortable.

At the same time, you should use the padded 5-point harness to your baby. This will help the baby safe when the stroller bumps. Otherwise, there is risk of falling the baby into the road because you will be in good speed.


These are the 5 tips for jogging with the best double stroller. You must follow the tips in order to keep you and your twins safe. Otherwise, this might not bring good things for your toddlers.

You should always be concerned about your babies. Selecting the right jogging stroller is the first and foremost thing for you! Otherwise, following the safety tips will not help you!

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