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Tips and Tricks for Your Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

Tips and Tricks for Your Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler
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Parents decide to purchase double stroller for infant and toddler because it provides the parents with a safe and convenient option for traveling around the store on a daily basis. However, many parents have three young children and do not have an option for this mode of transportation with a double stroller; or do they? There are a few things that parents with young numerous children can consider, and these tips could really help you when traveling and running your everyday errands that need to be accomplished.

Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler
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Three Young Children Double Stroller Options

Option 1:

Your first option to choose from is pairing your double stroller with a glider board. Many different brands of double strollers also offer glider boards for parents that find themselves in this exact situation. The glider board attaches to the bottom of the double stroller and allows the third child to stay on the board and ride along (this board is only recommended for children old enough to hold on to the handles of the stroller). The glider, depending on the maker of the glider, can attach to double stroller that features side by side seats or a tandem double stroller. This is convenient for you as you may not have to change the stroller that you currently have in the family. There are also universal boards that can attach to most strollers; however, this board has a seat that screws onto the glider.

It is also important that you monitor when the third child is getting on the glider, if there is little to no weight on the front of the stroller and the child gets onto the glider, it could tip the stroller over. As a parent with a double stroller and even a single stroller, you must pay attention to your children and the stroller. However, with the glider attached to the stroller, it is important to be sure that you are holding the stroller with at least one hand to ensure the stroller does not tip or flip.

Option 2:

For your second option when sitting three young children in a double stroller for infant and toddler is to invest in a jogging, side by side stroller that features a wide triangle foot rest in front of the two seats. When traveling short distances, your third child (the oldest of the three) can sit in this triangle. There is no harness or seat belt with this option; however, it works. You just need to pay attention to the child and be sure that their little fingers do not get caught in the wheel when in motion. It is also important to remember that when you have a child sitting in the triangle, the double stroller can become hard to maneuver, and as the third child gets heavier, the wheel may even stop turning with some models of strollers and how they are designed.

Option 3:

If you still have a child that is small enough to be carried in a pouch you can do that as well while pushing the other two children around in the double stroller. Numerous baby carriers are comfortable for both you and the baby. In addition to double strollers, these baby carriers are also a great investment whether you plan on only having one child or six. The baby carriers can be used for all of your children and provide you with your third option if needed.

Option 4:

You may not have known about these inventions but yes they exist; strollers made for three children.  Triple strollers are great for parents that have triplets or children that are very close in age. If you do not necessarily need a triple stroller for your children, you might be better using one of the first three options that are listed. The triple stroller can be very bulky and take up too much room in your vehicle depending on the vehicle that you have. These strollers can also become very heavy when lifting into your vehicle or put away in storage. It is important that you decide whether or not you need this stroller; you may not need the third seat for very long and then there is no need to drag out a three seated stroller.


These double stroller tips and tricks are very convenient when you have three young children. These tips and tricks can help you when deciding what plan of action to take when running errands and traveling from place to place. There are many ways in which you can make your double stroller work for you to ensure that your life is made easier and these tips are just a few to ensure that you get the most out of your double stroller for infant and toddler when you need it most.

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