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How to Keep Your Best Double Umbrella Stroller Clean - Best Double Stroller 2016

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How to Keep Your Best Double Umbrella Stroller Clean

How to Keep Your Best Double Umbrella Stroller Clean

This is a must to clean the best double umbrella stroller for twins. You should provide a clean and healthy environment when you are outside with them. Therefore, you should spend time on cleaning the stroller. So, making a schedule for cleaning the stroller is a good idea.

Basically, the double stroller do not need cleaning every day. You can clean the stroller once in a week. But, the times depend on the frequency of using the double umbrella stroller for travel.

How to Clean Double Stroller for twins?

Sometimes, the dirt is visible in the best double umbrella stroller. The fabric may look like dirty and the frames may catch dust. So, this is the time to clean the stroller to make it pleasing to the kids and the rest of the person who are watching it.

First of all, you will need to remove all the fabrics from the stroller. Then, you can use a toothbrush in order to clean it. Use the best detergent in order to wash properly.

This is important to read the instruction whether the fabric is machine washable or not. If this is not a machine washable fabric made stroller, then, you might need to work hard for cleaning the fabric.

Generally, this will take several hours to wash and make the fabric dryer. Most of the double stroller for twins does not prefer dryer machine use. So, you should give more time to dry.

After washing the fabric of the stroller, you can follow the following steps in order to make it pleasing. This will not need much time to spend for cleaning it fully after washing.

  • Firstly, your first step should be read the manual instruction of the stroller. You should understand every concept regarding the fabric, material, parts, canopies and others.
  • Secondly, you should remove the detachable parts of the stroller properly. You should remove the cup holder, toy, tray and others. In this case, you need a vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning.
  • Thirdly, there are some parts that do not need to be detached. The soft parts of the stroller can easily be cleaned without removing the parts. For example, you do not need to remove the soft seat of the stroller. You can drop a gentle hand-washing detergent for cleaning. You can also use a wet cloth for rubbing the dirt area. After rubbing the dirt area, you can keep the stroller under sunlight for drying.
  • Fourthly, you should use a good spray in order to clean the ‘hard parts’ of the double stroller. Spray it over the metallic parts and plastic parts of the stroller. Then, you need to use a dry cloth to wiping over the stains properly.
  • Fifthly, you should not forget about the wheels of the stroller. Most of the times the parents forget about the wheels. You should wash the wheels in case of a rainy day. On the other hand, you should air the tires properly. But, you should not over air the wheels. Otherwise, this will give trouble and easy to be punctured.


These are the steps in order to clean the best double umbrella stroller. Before you starting the cleaning process, you should real the user manual properly. Otherwise, this will be harder for you to clean it properly. If you do anything against the user manual, this could go wrong too! In this case, the performance and quality of the baby stroller for twins could be horrible. Therefore, follow our given steps and keep your stroller clean and healthy for your twins.



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