Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Reviews

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If you want to have a completed and well-featured double stroller for twins, then, Contours Options Elite Tandem stroller is the best choice. This is the most advantageous stroller along with the best seating positions for the babies. This baby stroller offer seven seating configuration along with easy to fold option. So, this is easy to travel with standing folding for both seats. We are going to give you complete review and detailed features for making a good decision!

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This is a cool stroller for the twins. The quality of the stroller is impressive and gives the best performance for keeping your babies safe and comfortable. This provides large storage capacity and ensures good time when you are out with your babies.

  • 7 Seating Configurations
  • Large Canopies & Big Basket For Storage
  • Rubber Coated Wheels
  • Infant Car Seat Accommodation
  • Folds With Both Seats

7 Seating Configurations

The stroller offers seven seating configurations for your twins. The seat is easy to adjust and change the position. You can use back to back or face to face and other styles.

Moreover, this offers 3 recline positions within stadium style design. So, you can use any of the seat style that your kids love!

Large Canopies & Big Basket for Storage

The stroller comes with unisex canopies. Moreover, you will find mesh peek-a-boo to contact with your twins. So, you can use the large canopies for preventing your babies from harmful UV rays.

In addition, you will get large storage for carrying essential baby items. So, you do not need to care of taking extra bag on your shoulder for the things. You can use the basket and keep all the essentials you need!

Rubber Coated Wheels

The wheels rubber coated that ensures smooth riding experience. They are made for tough terrains and offer flexible with comfortable riding. Your babies will not have any problem because of the wheels design. Moreover, they do not need maintenance after every ride!

Infant Car Seat Accommodation

The stroller for twins is perfect for infant car seat accommodation. The stroller is very easy to fit in the car seat. You do not need to force to fit because the manufacturer designs in properly!

Folds with Both Seats

The double stroller is easy to fold for easy transportation. In addition, this can be fold with both seats. As a result, you do not need to remove the seats or any other extra disassembly step.

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Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller


  • 7 Seat Positions For The Babies
  • 3 Recline Positions
  • Good Design & Durable Frame
  • Comfortable Seat With Harness Points
  • Standing Folding Mechanism For Transportation
  • Good Quality Wheels For Tough Terrains
  • Easy To Maintain The Stroller


  • The double stroller could seem to be heavy than other strollers. However, this performs well in the rough and tough terrains.
  • The seat bar is not removable
  • The cup holder is not big enough but you can use it for holding the water bottles


The stroller is a good and impressive for twins. The quality of the stroller is impressive and comfortable for the babies. Now you do not need to think about the safety of the twins when they are in the stroller. Moreover, this is durable and easy to maintain. Your babies will be safe and free from any type of harmful UV rays of the sun light. In addition, you will get the large storage capacity for holding essential things in the basket. So, this could be the best thing that you can have for your twins.

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