Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller Reviews


Do you want to buy the best double jogging stroller for twins? Then, Bumbleride Indie twin stroller can be a good way to enjoy morning or evening running with your kids. This is a high quality and comfortable jogging stroller. The design is perfect for running and the seats are very much comfortable for any ages of kids. In addition, there are so many things that your kids will have. The double stroller also offers a suspension in order to avoid extra bumps when running with the stroller.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

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This is an impressive double running stroller. The design is perfect for running and this is enough comfortable for the babies. Moreover, this is lightweight and the rest of the features of the double jogging stroller can give you a good time.

  • A Perfectly Designed Stroller For Jogging
  • High Quality Fabric With Suspension For Comfort
  • Lightweight & Easy To Fold For Traveling
  • Air-Filled & Lockable Tires
  • Comfortable & Adjustable Handle


A Perfectly Designed Stroller for Jogging

This is a perfect jogging stroller for the runners. The canopies are large enough to protect your kids. Moreover, the 3-wheel design ensures safe running with your kids. You will also have a wrist strap so that the stroller can go long away from you during running.

High Quality Fabric with Suspension for Comfort

The stroller is made with high quality breathable fabric for the kids. Sometimes the fabrics are not good enough for the babies. The manufacturer uses 50% bamboo charcoal fiber interior fabric and recycled plastic fabric for the stroller. So, you can realize the quality and perfection of the fabrics.

In addition, this stroller comes with an independent suspension for smooth riding. The stroller can easily bump when you are running with it. But, the suspension will increase the smoothness of journey.

Lightweight & Easy To Fold For Traveling

This is a lightweight and easy to fold double jogging stroller. The lightweight stroller comes with a good and durable frame for long time support

In addition, the easy to fold mechanism ensures for easy transportation. However, you should be careful of removing the bending parts before you fold it.

Air-Filled & Lockable Tires

This is very important to have air-filled tires for jogging. Thanks to the manufacturer because they come with the air-filled tires. Therefore, they are more comfortable and safe for jogging. Moreover, you can lock the tire when you want to stand somewhere. So, this increases the safety of the babies.

Comfortable & Adjustable Handle

The handle of the stroller is an important part. The height is easy to adjust for the parent. Therefore, you can change according to the height of the runner. As a result, this will not be any problem!

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Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller


  • comfortable & lightweight
  • big canopies for protecting your babies
  • adjustable & comfortable handle for parents
  • perfectly designed for travel
  • lockable air-filled tires for jogging
  • easy to fold and carry for travel
  • offers 3 year limited warranty


  • the manufacturer has not provided any specific info regarding car seats


This is a fine looking and comfortable running stroller for your twins. This is the best investment that you can ever do for your twins. In fact, this will not only give you a chance to enjoy morning fresh air with your kids but also ensure the safety. Therefore you can go with the stroller and have a good time with your kids! In short, this is a perfect jogging stroller for twins because of the features and safety concerned designs.

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