Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat Reviews

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Baby Jogger City SelectThis is a standard baby stroller for single and twin babies. This is an all-rounder baby stroller that you can convert for twins or treble kids. The high quality fabric and lightweight frame is durable to use. In addition, this can ensure the comfort level of your baby. Moreover, this is regarded as a good jogging stroller.

The stroller comes with 16 different combinations and accessories. Moreover, this is a perfect model for joggers. With the multiple recline positions; your kids will always have a different look.

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The stroller is a standard device for riding with the kids with some impressive features. The cool features will always give you good facilities, increase safety, and comfortable riding experience.

  • High Quality Fabric & Padded Harness
  • Perfect For Riding With Multiple Kids
  • One Step Fold System & Easy To Transportation
  • Big Sun Canopies & Adjustable Handle
  • Lockable Small Wheels

High Quality Fabric & Padded Harness

The double stroller for twins is made of 100% polyester and lightweight but durable frame. The seat is also comfortable and soft the babies.

The padded harness point and napping space is a unique combination. So, your kids will enjoy the ride and get enough comfort!

Perfect For Riding with Multiple Kids

This is a stroller that helps for comfortable and easy riding with the kids. You can add numerous seat and configure the recline positions. Therefore, your kids will love to have different recline positions when riding.

Also, the design is good enough for stable and comfortable riding. You can add more accessories buying separately to enhance the comfort level.

One Step Fold System & Easy To Transportation

This is a one step foldable stroller for twins. So, you can easily fold the stroller and take it anywhere. This is a compact stroller and easy to transport. Therefore, this is regarded as an ideal stroller for travel.

Big Sun Canopies & Adjustable Handle

The baby stroller comes with a big sun canopiesor protecting your kids. The canopies are suitable for more than 50+ UV rays. Therefore, your kids will be free from any harmful lights.

In addition, the handle is very convenient. This is easy to adjust according to your height. So, your partner will not have any problem to adjust the handle and go for a smooth ride.

Lockable Small Wheels

The front 8-inch wheels are easy to swivel when riding. Moreover, this is easy to lock when you want to stand anywhere. The 12-inch back wheels are air-filled with low maintenance.

Customer Reviews

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat


  • easy to use and maneuver
  • perfect design with high quality fabric
  • easy to fold for transportation
  • easy to attach car seats with the stroller
  • same size seats with 45 pounds capacity per
  • adjustable handle
  • suits every type of terrains
  • comfortable seat with large canopies


  • the stroller seems to be heavier than others
  • the stroller is hard to setup
  • this is an expensive because the accessories must needed to be bought separately
  • it is not perfectly designed for jogging


The Baby jogger City select and 2nd seat stroller is made for joggers. However, this 4-wheel stroller is not perfect for jogging. But, this is comfortable and safe stroller for any age of baby. Before making a decision, you should understand the total investment for the stroller. As you have the chance to add more accessories, you should look for adding them. So, this will increase your cost for the baby stroller for twins. However, this is a unique, comfortable and safe baby stroller that you can purchase and enjoy time riding with your kids!

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